Sharing campaign


Email is one of the best tools to make your campaign popular. On average, it gives up to 20% more chance of receiving a support.

Create a mailing list with your friends’ contacts, those of your potential Supporters and those of other people (from the public or private sector) that operate in your same area.

Send them an email in which you explain the essential aspects of your project, the timing of realization and benefits they will obtain from supporting it.

Using sending email’s platforms such as MailChimp can be very useful for information regarding sending, such as the number of emails that have reached the recipient and how many were opened.

Remember to always insert a link to your SocialStart page.

Social networks

Use the Social Networks since the first day of the campaign asking your friends to support you and share your project.

Remember to use images related to your project, to explain it with short and clear sentences and to always insert a link to your SocialStart page.

We suggest you to create a specific project page or to directly post from your social network profile. This allows to increase the spread of the campaign by 40%.

Google, Youtube e Blog

Google Adwords, YouTube and Blogs are your extra tools for success.


With Google AdWords you will greatly increase the visibility of your campaign, making people who share the same interests and passions know about your project.

The important elements for an activity on Google Adwords are:

• the selection of keywords that are related to your project, and researched on the web. For this you can consult the site It can give you a valid help.

• the use of short and clear sentences to create your ad, possibly taken directly from your presentatione

• the choice of a global daily budget for click.

To create a campaign on Google Adwords you can go to and, to learn more see the guide


Share on YouTube the video of your campaign.

This is another very effective tool to raise awareness of your campaign.

Just go to the Video Manager area of your YouTube channel and from the drop-down menu of your video, select 'Promote'.

Then you will need to log into your Google Adwords account, or create one, to start the promotion of your video.

Remember to activate a direct link to your SocialStart page.

You can find other useful tips at


Blogs are an excellent way to spread and make people know your project.

Try to identify those that cover topics similar to you and let them talk about you.

If you want to give an additional impetus, you can turn to professional bloggers who will help to get your campaign be even more popular.