The choice of the budget to be achieved should start from the least amount necessary to realize your project.

You can always overcome it, but be realistic in order to show that you know exactly what you need.

In calculating your collection goal evaluate the number of people you will need.

In a successful campaign, 30% of what you collect comes from your inner circle of supporters.

Also consider the costs for Rewards and shipping costs, in addition to the SocialStart’s fee.

If your project is very big you can develop each phase as a single campaign.

In this way you will have easier goals to achieve.

Usually, successful campaigns exceed the collection goal of 42%.


Campaigns can last for 30, 45 or 60 days from the launch day.

We suggest you to stay within the 45 days. Often a longer duration does not guarantee a greater collection. A too long term can weaken the public's attention.

Anyway you'll have to take the right time to create the biggest interest for your campaign

Determine the number of days also according to your schedule. This will allow you to always be present and follow the campaign step by step.

When the campaign is winding down, motivate your supporters with conviction so that they act "now" and "immediately".


ALL OR NOTHING: if the project doesn’t reach the amount established as goal, the money will comes back to supporters without any additional costs.

WHAT COLLECTED: the Starter receives the amounts collected even if the campaign does not reach the set collection goal. This feature is only applicable by SocialStart Team for projects that justify its use.