Focus on campaign

A successful crowdfunding campaign comes from an accurate planning.

Choose the approach that best represents you, consider well the fulfillment times and select the material that best describes your project.

Every choice must always consider the budget you have to realize your campaign with.

The campaign will come up on solid basis and you'll get the results you're hoping.

Your Team

1 + 1 = 3

Working in company is the best choice!

Projects proposed by a team usually collect 94% more than individual projects.

So you will have many skills to put into play, teammates to share the work with and a larger network to publicize your project.

Your supporters

Define from the beginning your potential supporters.

Make a list starting from people you can involve since the first days and then enlarge it to all those who may be interested in your project.

Think how to contact them and the right way to involve them. It’s important to make sure since the early days to have the support of a good number of supporters.

In this way you will quickly conquer the network trust.

85% of successful campaigns receive the first support on launch day.