SocialStart Revision

Once you have uploaded your presentation, SocialStart gives you extra help!

Before being published, each presentation is seen by a Reviewer of SocialStart that will give you tips and suggestions to improve it, as long as it is needed.

This step is very important because it allows you to have a further opportunity for discussion.

You will interact with a crowdfunding expert that will help you to achieve what is the common goal: the success of your campaign!

The advices given are only on how to best communicate your ideas and how to create an effective presentation, without ever going into the merits of your project.

Launch timetable

Start your campaign when you really feel ready.

It is better on Monday or Tuesday. Supporters are likely to be more helpful on weekdays and more distracted on holidays. So you can take advantage of the whole week’s momentum.

Usually, this choice allows you to obtain 14% more than campaigns launched on other days.

Spread the word

Few days before the launch prepare your potential Supporters. Use all the tools at your disposal to keep the attention high

Let them take part in your project and tell them beforehand when your campaign starts.

Ask your closer Supporters to contribute immediately to the campaign, since launch day.

This will ensure a good outburst and will stimulate even for the laziest Supporters.