Make a video to engage your supporters and make them excited about your project.

Its presence increases by 115% the campaign’s chances to be successful.

The secret? Put yourself in the shoes of the listener.

Ask yourself: “How can I make them like my project?”, “Why sould they support me?”, “How can I convince them to trust my abilities?”.

Speak directly to people and let them know yourself.

Tell the story behind your project and share all the progress made so far.

People want to know if you are trustworthy and want to feel your passion.

Try to immediately stimulate curiosity and interest in your project.

In the first 10 seconds of the video Supporters will decide whether to continue to watch it or not.

Stay within 40 seconds and 3 minutes, and remember the most important thing at the end of the video: Thank your Supporters.


SExplain your project briefly answering three questions:

What is the idea?

Why should they support it?

Why is it useful?

Don’t make it too complicated and use a colloquial language. Sentences should be short, they should be read in one breath. Use the imperative with moderation.

In Insights add all relevant information to explain your project.

Explain why you need that amount, describe your goal and how you think to achieve it.

A good rule for a presentation is to follow a logical path that makes you answer to 5 questions: who, what, how, when and why.


Use images that help explain who you are, that best represent your project and that well describe the Rewards.

The purpose is to catch Supporters’ attention at first glance.

In the selection of images, always consider the size in which the Supporter will visualize them.