Which choose

Rewards choice is fundamental for the success of your campaign.

Create Rewards that thrill your Supporters, that stimulate their curiosity and that make them feel part of your project.

We reccomend 3 to 7 Rewards.

They can be directly related to the project, such as what you will realize, or they can be more creative and unique, as a special thank you, a product in a limited series or an experience that only you can offer.

A right mix between the two is the best choice.

The secret to choose successful Rewards? Comparison.

Discuss with your team, with friends and people who can be your potential Supporters. Their impression would be very useful to understand on which to focus.


Consider well the amount for the Rewards.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential Supporters and ask yourself what would you be willing to give for each Reward.

Even for this choice, comparison with others is fundamental.

You will surely receive very useful information.

At the same time, remember to consider all additional costs, including shipment and packing./p>

Try to identify attractive Rewards between 15 and 50 euro. Usually 75% of the chosen Rewards are into this band.

How to show them

Present the Reward with an image that best represents it and be careful about the size in which it will be displayed in the presentation.

Make the description clear and simple.

If you think you need more space, create an additional paragraph dedicated to Rewards in the Insights page.