How it Works

SocialStart is the Crowdfunding platform that allows you to create projects, ideas and deserving initiatives.


To support a campaign on SocialStart is easy: just choose the Reward of a project and complete the online transaction.
At the deadline, if the campaign reaches or exceeds the established amount, it ended successfully and Supporters receive their chosen Rewards from the Starter.

If the goal is not reached, the amount of the Reward is automatically re-credited to the Supporter.

Starter (Project promoter)

3 easy steps to create your ideas.

  • Create your campaign with all the necessary information. Project features, the amount to be reached and the length of the collection. You can visit the SocialStart Academy for tips on how to make your presentation.
  • Refining the presentation. SocialStart helps the Starter with a personalized assistance to refine and improve his presentation.
  • Launch the campaign and start the fund-raising to realize the project.